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> >Any ideas where I can get Episode Listings for the Original Gundam Series, V
> >Gundam, Gundam X, G Gundam?
> For brevity's sake, I'm sending these one series at a time.
> I've only got ten episodes of G-Gundam, with a preview of episode 11 to
> give me one more title. Anyone who knows others should chip in.
> Mobile Fighter G-Gundam

Note: G Gundam's episode titles use a lot of obscure old/religious Japanese words.

There were three prologue episodes prior to the commencement of series proper.

Prologue - Birth
Prologue - Departure
Prologue - Leap(/Advancement)

> #1: Gundam Fight! Gundam Falls To Earth

'Commence G Fight.The Gundam That Fell To Earth'

> #2: Roar! Super Punch That Won The Dream

'ono-re!' here has religious origins and is equivalent to 'You!' or 'Hey you!'
'hissatsu' - means 'sure-death' - each Gundam has one or two super powerful death
moves unique to that MS. I will just call it 'Death-----'.

Literally the title is 'You! The Death Punch That Holds The Dream'
I guess what it means is 'watch out! this is the death move that will fulfill the
dream of winning the tournament'. Anything along these lines will do I think.

> #3: Defeat Him! Devil Dragon Gundam

I would change the word 'devil' here to 'devilish' or something similar, so as not
to confuse with the Devil Gundam

> #4: Victory or Defeat! Knight's Red Rose

It should be 'Prince of the Red Rose' or 'The Red Rose Prince' instead of
'Knight's Red Rose'.

> #5: Big Escape! Gundam Fighter In Prison

'Great Escape! The Imprisoned(/captured/captive) Gundam Fighter'

> #6: Fight, Domon! Earth Is The Ring
> #7: Come & Get It! Desperate Fugitive

> #8: Now I Have You! Space Police Revenge

'Strike The Enemy, Space Detective's Revenge'

> #9: Hardcase! Hero Chapman's Challenge

'Powerful Enemy!' or something similar is more appropriate than 'Hardcase!'.

> #10: Fear! Phantom Fighter Apparition

'Terror(or fear)! Phantom(Ghost) Fighter Appears'

> #11: Falling Rain

'The Rain Reunion...Falling 'Rane'
The first 'rain' is the real rain. The second one is the female character's name.
I used 'R' to spell her name so the English title will make more sense but you can
come up with your own spelling. I don't know what the 'official' spelling is.

#12: That Name Is 'Toho- Fuhai' (Invincible East) - Here Comes Master Asia
#13: Big Trouble!, The Enemy is 'Godai' Gundam
I think 'Godai'='5 dai' is referring to five big enemy gundams, I'm not sure. So
it probably should be The Five Big Enemy Gundams'

#14: Shock(/ing) ! Shining Finger Defeated
#15: Warrior's Title(/degree)! Farewell Shuffle Alliance
#16: Strongest Evil! Devil Gundam Appears
Is there a word for the most strongest, most evil, Evil?

#17: Confrontation! Mysterious Masked fighter
#18: Steal The Death Moves . Beautiful Girl Corp's Big Operation/Plan.
I'm sure you can come up with a more concise second part. It is a
military/militaristic group/corp made up of beautiful women. If the girls are
stealing the death moves then I guess 'Big Heist' could be OK?

#19: Fierce Fight (/struggle) ! Dragon Gundam vs Bolt Gundam
#20: Giorge, Smash The Nightmare
'Giorge' is supposed to be the French pronounciation/version of the name George.

#21: Force The (winning)Decision! 3Days Before The Time Limit
#22: Warrior's Bond. Breakthrough The Devil's Blockade.
Other word you could use instead of 'blockade' are
'cordon','encirclement','siege','trap','attack' etc...

#23: The Fight of Destiny! Domon vs Devil Gundam
#24: The New Radiance(/shine/gleam)! God Gundam Is Born
#25: The Final Round Begins! Gundam Fighters Assemble
#26: New Death Move! Explosive God Finger!!
#27: Fight On Domon! The Big Victory Promised(/offered) To A Friend
#28: Domon, Marked For Death! The Assasin's Death Sword
or literally 'The marked Domon! Killer fighter's death sword'
I'm not sure if 'Killer fighter' is a name or not.

#29: Bout(/Match) Abandoned!? Love Struck Xi Xai See
I'm not sure about the accepted spelling of this Chinese character's name.

#30: Beautiful Female Fighter! The Dangerous Allenby
#31: Clown's Illusion! Get Mad(/angry) Gundam Maxter
The actual Japanese title refer to a 'pi e ro' which is romaji for the French name
'Pierre' which is the Japanese name for Clown. As in 'Pierre the Clown'

#32: Dangerous Trap! Neros Gundam's Big Counterattack.
#33: The Messenger From Hell! Chapman's Ressurection
#34: Stand Up Domon! The Stormy Tag Match
#35: Time To Settle This! Powerful Machine Gun Punch
#36: The Knight's pride! Captured Gundam Rose
#37: 'Shin-Ryoseigocho-ken'! Burn, Dragon Gundam
'Shin-Ryoseigocho-ken' is the name of a death move. It means something like 'the
true shooting star barbaric butterfly sword'.

#38: Domon vs Algo! Charging Bolt Gundam
'Algo' is the name of a Russian character. There may be a proper spelling for this

#39: 'Sekihatenkyo-ken'! Decisive Fight, Master Asia
'Sekihatenkyo-ken' is the name of a death move which means something like 'stone
smashing heavenly wonder fist'.

#40: Senseless(/coldhearted) Death Match! Schwarz's Final Decisive Battle
#41: Battle Royal Commence! Devil Gundam Resurrected
#42: The Powerful 'Four Sky Kings'! Gundam Heavensword
Gundam Heavensword is one of the Four Sky Kings.

#43: Lion King's Struggle For Supremacy! Grand Gundam's Ambush Plan
#44: Schwarz Falls! Domon's Tearfilled Death Punch
#45: Farewell Master! Master Asia, Death at Dawn.
#46: Rane's Dangerous MF! Devil Gundam Again
MS are called MF (Mobile Fighters) in G Gundam.

#47: Devil Colony Activated! Major Assault Shuffle Alliance
#48: SOS Earth! Gundam Union(/Alliance) To The Rescue!!
It was actually the same word as 'sortie' but 'to the rescue' sounded right at the

#49: G Gundam Major Victory. To The Hopeful Future. Ready Go!


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