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Sun, 27 Feb 2000 19:36:52 -0800

>Peter Cheng wrote:
>> > I'll chime in with GameCave, which can be found at
>> > GameCave.com.


>> Also, they have the tendency to send out
>> "asian version" PSX imports and "SM" anime/game music
>> CD and charge the "normal" price w/o informing the
>> customers. At least they are quick to deliver...
>The two games I've ordered from them (Front Mission 2, and Giren's Greed
>for PSX) have both been the legit Japanese versions, so I guess it kinda
>depends on the title.

The "Asian version" Peter refers to are legit too, if you thought he meant
those CDR/silver discs. However, the legit Asian versions often give you
less for your money - for example, a manual that was printed in full color
in the Japanese version may get a B&W treatment for the Asian version, which
happens to have some English/Chinese/Korean printed on it as well.

>> Buyrite is notorious for being non-responsive and slow

<more snipping>

>They do offer some great deals, but I guess you're just taking a gamble
>when ordering from them.

When you buy from Buy Rite, expect the worst and consider yourself lucky
if your order came in without any problems. They like to send damaged
items and charge people 2 day shipping when it wasn't requested.


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