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>Evan wrote:
>> Your use of the term "antisocial" here is the best way I could
>> describe him, as a true psychological (not pop culture) definition.
>> Whereas Char is somebody who I'm FASCINATED with, and who seems to be
>> endlessly charismatic and flamboyant enough to enthrall people, Amuro
>> seems like a gekko... fading into the background and watching (at
>> least until it's time for battle).
>Hmm yeah... too bad the Fed side doesn't have a champion of some kind.
>Amuro can't ever become a leader, Noah seems stuck as a ship captain.
>Revil and Cassius died prematurely. What about that slim guy in baby blue
>suit in Z? The only problem is that he's a bit of a lunatic also.

Well, that's where the paradox is... Char is a charming character, but JION
(Everybody cool with that? heh) has done some cruel things to succeed.
Meanwhile, Amuro "appears" to be on the right side, but is antisocial,
stubborn, and self-important. Much more interesting than cookie cutter
good/bad characters (which is part of the big reason why I'm not into most
American SF at all).

BTW, for those who read the Gundam novels (I never finished the third...
maybe I'll pick it up today when I go for some Huxley and Ellroy) and saw
the original tv series, did they ever animate the "colony gassings" that
the Feds apparently did? Sumimasen, it's been awhile...

>> I just think there's something going on psychologically with Amuro in Z and
>> CCA that's interesting in part because it sure as hell doesn't seem to be
>> like something that could be easily resolved. Seeing so many die and being
>> in the middle of it has to do something to your head, especially when
>> you're mankinds "next step..."
>I think the writers in Z just robbed Amuro in broad daylight. They shine
>a spotlight on Camille, which is fine, but why bring out Amuro and drag
>him through the dirt? I like the role transformation that Hiyato, Kai and
>some other 0079 characters went through, but I feel sorry for Amuro and
>Mirai. If they want to make Camille the hero of the show, why not just
>keep Amuro retired? If he is going to fight, he's the type that fight
>hard and he wouldn't turn down Char's invite to go to space.

Only saw the first two.. *deep, deep sigh*

If anybody would like to assist me with my dillema, you have my email. :)

>The Amuro in CCA is yet a different deal. The personality is changed
>again, now Amuro is a bit like a conventional hero, without a trace of his
>social shortcoming. I don't mind Amuro in CCA too much, I am just not so
>sure I can identify him in 0093 with the younger one in 0079.

I don't think it would be presumptious of me to say that Amuro has some
problems from his development, etc. It's like any person who's spent a long
period of time alone (as he has seemed to)... it's "his" reality vs. the
"world's" reality. If he's the only person around, he can say "I am the
walrus," and he could actually believe it because he's the only person
reinforcing those thoughts.

One of the best parts of CCA IMHO is when Amuro argues with Char about
mankind "exploiting" it's geniuses, etc., then Char points out that he's a
tool for the Feds (of course, it's been years, and I don't think I have the
movie around here... Anybody know where I can find the LD? I know the plot
and everything anyway...). At that point I think I felt that Amuro realized
"God, what if I've been wrong the whole time?" but kept on fighting because
of his hatred for Char as a person.

Anybody else feel that Amuro was awfully "Revenge Of The Nerds" meets
"Pride and Prejudice" while Char was more like "Johnny B. Goode" meets "Art
of War?" (with a bit of "Dangerous Lliasons" thrown in...)



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