Sun, 27 Feb 2000 15:21:58 EST

Wonder if this game will make it as a Future US release? I always hear how
good this game is and would buy the Import, but I like to understand the in
game story and dialogue.

Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes is coming to the US, so it is a
possability the Girens Greed could make it to the US. What does everyone else

Just becuase it has stuff from a lot of Gundam shows and some people would
not understand the story, is no reason for not bringing it out, so I don't
want to hear that. I have started many a book series, at the end, by pure
accident, and I have managed to finish the whole series with full enjoyment
of it.

I want to hear good reasons why it should be released in the US and if there
are any, why it should not.

Has anyone played Neo Geo Pocket Color? I got one for Christmas and love it.
There's going to be a Front Mission style mecha game for it and it will see a
US release very soon. Its called Faseli, hope I spelled it right. I
downloaded the opening of the game and its got a theme song, with lyrics and
this is on a 16 bit hand held!


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