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The number of units You have when you start part 2 is exactly the same as
what you ended up with in Part 1 I think...how's Part 2 going for you? I'm
thinking of trying to take down Neo Zeon first before taking on Titans...

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> > Oh and the Alex does have the Shield. The FA
> > version doesn't though :P
> I wish... Go to the MS spec sheet and look under
> "special data". "Shield equiped" is not listed. Then
> I go on to test Alex i.e. to pick "defend" when being
> attacked. Though it appears to be holding a shield,
> never has it once managed to do a shield block
> (decoration??). Sigh...
> I will be more than glad to have someone tell me I am
> wrong...
> Btw, GP03D spec sheet has not mentioned anything about
> its gigantic saber either but it DOES has it when
> doing close quarter combat.
> > Lets see I started out with about 180 units...which
> > the other sides both had
> > about the same...in Zeta Era suits. I still remember
> > getting my ass kicked
> > by 2 GM Quells... Oh and The amount of money I get
> > is about 1/2 of what they
> > do (I get about 6000 each, Neo Zeon gets a bit over
> > 10,000 each)
> Hmm...I got around 90 and outnumbered by Delaz Fleet
> (they have ~160). Killing Giren mush have drove the
> spacenoids nuts...
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