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Sun, 27 Feb 2000 12:55:51 -0500

> (can't believe I get back into this thread again...)
I can't believe I'm here either....
> Not only is the Nazi Swastika reversed, it's also tilted 45 degrees, so
> the Nazi one is a diamond, the Budhist one is a square.

I dunno bout the Buddist connotations, but the Sun
symbol we are talking about should be treated like
a circle, turn it upside down, backwards, 45 degrees
whatever, it means the same thing.... there is no anit
circle meaning...
> Paul is right that the Swastika was an ancient European symbol, in both
> orientations. BUT, the one particular orientation the Nazi chose was the
> one pointing clockwise and tilted like a diamond, which is very distinct
> from the Budhist one as drawn by -Z-.


My little rant ends so long as no one goes on spreading their
ignorance of the Germanic symbolism any further, people
have been spewing out this garbage for 50 years now, and
it makes it hard for Germanics that want to practice their
people's religion, or embrace their culture without being
called Nazi's...


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