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There are several different set control pad layouts in the game. There
isn't any allowance to set custom gamepad layouts, but in turn it makes it
easier for people to learn and become accustomed to the layout. Anyway,
the layout I play with is where the two triggers on the top of the pad are
your weapon triggers; much like the arcade. Left is L weapon, right is R
weapon, and both is C weapon. The button config on the pad is basically...
(thinking diamond format here...) top is jump, bottom is crouch, left is
left turbo and right is right turbo. The digital pad is a given, but the
analog stick is for turning...kinda useless as it's too far for your left
thumb to switch back and forth between the digi pad and the analog stick to
gain sight...so again with the jump cancelling.

In VOOT, there's something called Virtual Armor which literally deflects L
and R weapons without taking any damage...and this automatic for VR's with
high V-armor...mostly heavy VR's...but there are those who have low HP
capacity but high V-armor; a VR like Angelan. It's interesting how you'll
have to use left turbo moves to destroy enemy V-armor to begin penetrating
with standard weapons...like Temjin...It's highly unlikely that you'll be
able to penetrate Raiden's V-armor anytime soon at anything more than 200
to 300 m with your long launcher (aka beam rifle). Though, while using
bomb and left turbo beam rifle, you can bring down his V-armor to about 50
or even 0 to use regular standing beam rifle or machine gun beam rifle.


>I dunno how the game will control with gamepads. But based on my
>experience - the double joystick config for the arcade version of Virtual On
>is pretty easy to control. I haven't played it in about half a year or so,
>so I don't remember which button does what now. But the double stick
>configuration isn't as awkward as you think. You just have to figure it out
>a bit. Play it about three times and you'll easily get the hang of it.
>I suggest using Temjin, Raiden or Viper first. Try learning how to dodge
>missile attacks (particularly Raiden's) as a primary concern. It involves
>using the turbo button and putting both joysticks to the extreme right or
>left. After you've mastered that, learn how to counterattack on the run by
>twisting one of the joysticks inward and shooting the missiles. You'll clear
>most of the game with this technique, and this is the only way I've been
>able to stop Raiden consistently.
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>> Activision is going to bring it to the US. No release date was given. Hope
>> Activision does a good job. Hope they release it with the twin sticks. I
>> wasn't able to find them for the US Saturn version. Is VO easier to
>> with the Twin Sticks? Its sounds akward the way magazines describe how the
>> Twin Sticks are used. I can't get used to joysticks, I grew up with game
>> pads. Should I get the Twin Sticks, even though I dislike a regual ones?
>> Aaron
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