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>1. Has anyone noticed that the front skirt is a single plate as opposed to
>the typical zaku two-plate design? This doesn't seem too practical for leg

        Hmm. never noticed that.. Thanks for pointing it out.

>2. What are those two baseball bat-like objects on both sides of the
>backpack? Are they a weapon or part of the new backpack?

        IIRC, in the African desert battle, those "bats" were actually
additional thrusters for the Zakus to reach the Albion's bridge for an attack.

        I recall someone here mentioning that the F2s are actually a
catch-all Zaku design for 0083, so the Zakus in the deserts may actually be
D-types, hence needing the additional thrusters. Of course, there's no
gurantee that a normal F -type Zaku could have jumped that high...

>3. Some zaku F2s have a head with 3 square bumps on the forehead area. Does
>this imply the sensors have been modified?

        Might be simply additional armour.

>4. The typical zaku machine gun looks different here..the front and barrel
>area look like your typical zaku mg, but the rear stock looks like a m4
>carbine now...with some retractable design. Is this a different weapon?

        Probably not. In Gundam Mechanics II it is labelled as being a 120mm
machinegun. It's probably a 120mm with a different stock, much like some of
the M16s out there nowadays.

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