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Sun, 27 Feb 2000 10:19:16 -0500

> Think James is a Fed junkie (actually I prefer playing
> the Zeon disk...) like me...

> Think the system will "force" the player to develop
> MS. Player will get another chance to recruit Amuro
> though

> You are right, there's no event to trigger Assimar
> development.

> Unfortunately, PyschoGundam is too evil for Revil's
> Fed... Unless by bribing or by espionage...

That thing is one scary Mofo :P

> Let me know how's > Let me know how's Sirocco@TheO when compare to that
> almighty > almighty Hamaan@Quebeley. I wonder why TheO got
> "Psycom" while Zeta doesn't...and again...where's
> Alex's shield?? And no launcher for Zeta too...darn.
> Type100 got one...

You know, you get Hamaan for a little while under Giren's Zeon, basically
she comes in at turn 30 with all her guys (they're practically the only New
Types you get)...and she leaves when her father dies at turn 90....crap.
She was kicking so much ass with the Mark II :(

Oh and the Alex does have the Shield. The FA version doesn't though :P

> > only applicable for Part 2, where you can try to get
> > Neo Zeon to help to
> > crush Titans or vise versa..but I found that to be a
> > waste of time and
> > money. don't bother.
> Just as other Koei's sim. games...

How true! :)

> > supporting fire. This is the ONLY way you'll get
> > anywhere in Part 2.
> Btw, when you started as Giren's Zeon under "Total
> Victory" how bad you are outnumbered in T1?

Lets see I started out with about 180 units...which the other sides both had
about the same...in Zeta Era suits. I still remember getting my ass kicked
by 2 GM Quells... Oh and The amount of money I get is about 1/2 of what they
do (I get about 6000 each, Neo Zeon gets a bit over 10,000 each)

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