Sir Loin of Beef (
Sun, 27 Feb 2000 20:08:55 +0800

I was just looking at the line art for the Zaku F2 seen in 0083 and out of
curiousity have a few questions.

1. Has anyone noticed that the front skirt is a single plate as opposed to
the typical zaku two-plate design? This doesn't seem too practical for leg

2. What are those two baseball bat-like objects on both sides of the
backpack? Are they a weapon or part of the new backpack?

3. Some zaku F2s have a head with 3 square bumps on the forehead area. Does
this imply the sensors have been modified?

4. The typical zaku machine gun looks different here..the front and barrel
area look like your typical zaku mg, but the rear stock looks like a m4
carbine now...with some retractable design. Is this a different weapon?


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