Peter Cheng (
Sat, 26 Feb 2000 22:26:55 -0800 (PST)

> The only people that die in part one...are the ones
> that you let die (Garma,
> Ranba Ral,etc,etc) that is, assuming you said yes to
> everything :P
Think James is a Fed junkie (actually I prefer playing
the Zeon disk...) like me...

> 'On the side of the feds, I'm pretty sure not doing
> Operation V will only
> delay the MSs...though I'm not sure how it'll go...
Think the system will "force" the player to develop
MS. Player will get another chance to recruit Amuro
> Your MA levels for the Feds are pretty much useless
> for the most part..but
> it's the only way you'll be able to get the Zeta Era
> suits like the Assimar,
You are right, there's no event to trigger Assimar
> Phyco Gundam, and the rest.
Unfortunately, PyschoGundam is too evil for Revil's
Fed... Unless by bribing or by espionage...

> To beat part 2, you have to beat both sides..but the
> thing is that as soon
> as I killed of the Titans under Jamitov...Sirocco
> took over, which really
> screwed me over and made my entire campaign a bit
> pointless. Drat. And I
> bet he's going to The O as well....
Let me know how's Let me know how's Sirocco@TheO when compare to that
almighty almighty Hamaan@Quebeley. I wonder why TheO got
"Psycom" while Zeta doesn't...and again...where's
Alex's shield?? And no launcher for Zeta too...darn.
Type100 got one...

> only applicable for Part 2, where you can try to get
> Neo Zeon to help to
> crush Titans or vise versa..but I found that to be a
> waste of time and
> money. don't bother.
Just as other Koei's sim. games...

> supporting fire. This is the ONLY way you'll get
> anywhere in Part 2.
Btw, when you started as Giren's Zeon under "Total
Victory" how bad you are outnumbered in T1?

> any way, good luck. I think I'll try to kill off
> Char and take back
> Granada...
Enjoy killing that...faction leader. Will get some
sleep over here.

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