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Ah...another spark of the GGreed thread... Just what
I need from my dying bed...(project deadlines and
GGreed don't mix too well it seems...)

> Thanks for everyone's help getting me into Giren's
> Greed. Now I can't
> get out! After taking A Bau A Qu(sp?) on turn 96
> Giren offered me a
> cease fire, which I accepted. I've been saying yes
> to everything just
> beacause I have very little idea what's going on. So
> now I'm into
> part II.
That leads you to "marginal victory". You can obtain
"total victory" by finishing off the Zeon side once
and for all before T100. What you did was by
triggering certain event (Y or N answers) the system
bring you to part two as "marginal victory". Normally
upon reaching T100 the system will base on your force
and decide if you fulfilled the conditions to be
"marginal victory" or "marginal defeat". Both cases
will bring you to part two, just the initial settings
are a tad different (e.g., to trigger Garma's "NewBorn
Zeon" Zeon disk player have to get "marginal victory"
( it "defeat"?). Point of interests for part
two setting:

- the sequence for enemy appearances for part two is
like: faction A as default; uprise of faction B; kill
faction A will get you faction C; kill faction B will
get you faction D. If my memory serve me
right...getting rid of Zeon will probably get you
AEUG/Axis to show up (pretty sure it's the latter
though) while getting rid of Titans will get you
Sciroco's Titans. No guarantee though (I got the path
"total victory" and has Delaz and then Titans/AEUG as
enemies). Btw, did the system ask you if you want to
legitimize AEUG or Titans?

- for both disks you can still get "historic ending"
and then the game ends at part one.

- there's NO turn limitation in part two. Heard some
crazy folks are actually doing some 200 vs 200 units
"dai kes-sen". Also heard that the system actually
handle it pretty well (i.e w/o crashing...though it
take 5~10 min just for the AI to figure out one
movement phase). Good job Bandai...

- Achieving "total victory" early can net you lots of
bonuses upon starting part two. They include added
capital and resource, advanced MS plans (e.g., Zeta
for the Zeon or Quebeley for the Fed if you can beat
part one around T40), and advanced Tech levels.
Still, it's likely that you will miss a lot of events
(hence pilots) by doing so...

- (rumor but pretty much confirmed) Activating all
factions as selectable option (new game screen) will
get you "special faction". For the Fed disk it's the
all female cast faction headed by Hamaan. For the
Zeon disk..."Sibling rivalry - case of the Zabis..."
<- i.e. "Zeon (Giren)" vs. "Legit Zeon (Kishiria)" vs.
"NewBorn Zeon (Garma)".

> It looks like Giren is back in business.
> There was an
> animation that showed him being rescued from house
> arrest by his
> henchmen Delaz and Gato. I think that was the case,
> it's strange,
> Dozul, Ma Kube, all these guys are still around
> causing trouble.
And under "total victory" scenario they execute Giren
and that somehow pissed 95% of the spacenoid
population off. I didn't realize he's that popular...
 But then the true ending for Zeon (ending part two as
Zeon)...the world seems to be an OK place under
Giren's rule so I guess (and we got to see Shiro and
Aina and a glimpse of their kid)...whatever.

> Didn't anyone die in part one?
Character only "die" by trigger events. In fact, some
"lost" pilots will show up in part two (e.g., Yuu
while MIA after the clash with BD2 he will return in
part two and fight for the Fed).

> After about 15 turns
> the Titans showed
> up. I assume both sides have to be taken out in
> order to win?
You are missing another two factions that are sure to
follow... Enjoy. I know you will.

> Can someone tell me about the diplomacy menus?
Refer to Woojin's help. You know that using the
diplomacy is one major source of income (i.e. to
exchange resource for capital) right? Let me know if
you need additional help.

> Also, what do the unit stats mean?
Let's start from the top:

-"Limit" (in red): (according to the manual though
people are still debating how the system take "limit"
into account) by installing a "pilot" to what extent
the pilot's stat can raise the unit's performance.
-"Detect": To determine how far the unit can ID/detect
"unknown" enemy unit (by using the "detect" command).
Note that it's much harder to hit "unknown" units.
- "Endurance/HP": You bet.
- Mobility: Just ask Hamaan why her Quebeley (with
psycom) is so freaking hard to hit...
- "movement": how many hex (halfed in "hostile" map)
can the unit move in one turn (under area map).
- "supply": the max supply the unit can carry.
- "consume": how much supply the unit will consume in
one "attack/retaliate".

> Is it better to put your characters together in
> stacks, or spread
> them out--one character per stack?
Refer to WooJin's suggestion. Though I usually attack
in three stacks (while sharing no adjacent hex among
them) and under 30+% m.parti.concentration.
> What happens if the Fed player never authorizes
> project V?
Not sure... but I confirmed that even without "project
V" there will be an event "urgent recruit" that will
get Amuro&gang from Side7.
> Can you still win?
Possible, as I managed to get "California" with just
air/sea/land units (around T11). Not sure if I can go
beyond Odessa though...

> Why should the Fed player finance MA tech when all I
> seem to have
> gotten are two balls?
just for part one...
You need MA level (though less important I must admit)
for many other MS unit plans as well (e.g., Alex).
Furthermore, don't tell me you don't want to play with
that "G-part" toy...
Of course you need MA level for part two...

> -James (who hates to see Dozul show up once again in
> another Big Zam!
> I've had to beat him four times so far)
Told you to mass produced non-beam-weapon-wielding

not that you will care...and not that info. from
GGreed is in anyway reliable (hence official)...

- RX79(G) and RGM79(G) are indeed marked as "early
production" models. Though it fits pretty well with
Mark's suggestion I was hoping PS GGreed to include
RGM79E profile... With the release of MG GMQuell, it
seems that this "early production - space type" MS is
the most elusive of the pre-0087 GM family...

- The RX178 shown during Zeon disk CG demo is actually
RX178-XO prototype MkII in AEUG MkII color scheme (I
freezed-frame the demo and its beam rifle design was a
dead giveaway). From the pic of the profile mode, it
is pretty much a MKII with some GMCustom detailing and
a GP01 shield. Its beam rifle (the game called it
"experimental beam rifle) is more original though and
in the game it has a range of 1~2 hex with power even
exceed Zeta's beam rifle. To the Fed, I guess RX178
is more to them like RX79(G) while RX178-XO is closer
to RX78-1&2 models, as it's a "spared no expense"
design based on GDP data. Guess there are links
between GP series and Zeta era MS designs after all
(GGreed went on to say GP01 skeletal design is the
early version of movable frame design)... Oh, MkII
design is flawed since the prototype stage...

- MS-11 "Acto Zaku" in GGreed profile mode has no
mentioning of it being related to MS-06R? and ?MS-14
series. It only mentioned that it's a product of
Zeon's late war "Project MS-X" with magnet coating
(hello WooJin mind tell me if you need "magnet
coating" to get this plan?) and is beam weapon
capable. According to the profile, the Fed obtained
the plan, manufactured and deployed it after the OYW.

- MS-06C weapon type "C" aka "atomic Zaku" is indeed
the "nuke optimized" version of MS-06C. Modifications
included (according to the profile mode)
triple-layered "Ha-Ni-Ka-Mu" (??) and
radiation-insulating fluid.

Enjoy the game.
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