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>#5 is 'You pull the trigger'

In English, "you" is implicit when the imperative is used.

If it's directive, "you" is a separate imperative: "You! Pull the trigger!"

>> #9: As It Rains On A Street
>'maki' here is a roll of something e.g. paper, material, sushi etc... or a
>volume of a book series. So it is definitely not 'Street'. It could be a

"Scroll" sounds OK to me. The implication seems to be of something
(writing?) being washed away in the rain.

>#13: Shoot a fool like me
>or 'I'm a fool so shoot me' , you can replace 'fool' with 'idiot' if you

We've got a TV series here in the US named for a pop American phrase:

"Just Shoot Me!"

>#15: Is there a such thing as Heaven?
>or something similar eg..'I wonder if there is a Heaven?'

American idiom would be simply "Is There A Heaven?" or possibly "Do You
Believe In A Heaven?"

>#17: You can check it yourself
>or 'verify', 'confirm', 'see for' etc...

American idiom would be "See for yourself" or "Check it and see".

Alternatively, the actual action of the sentence could be implied by the
pop American phrase "Don't take MY word for it"....

>#18: Lorelei's Sea
>or 'The Sea of Lorelei'
>Depends on who or what Lorelei is.

Lorelei was one of the Sirens, the women (mermaids in most representations,
although originally they were more like spirits) whose songs drew sailors
to their doom. I think that the reference here is to the L System used by
Rucil [sic] Lyriant and its effect on the Dolphin Navigator (D Nav), but I
may be way off base.

>#37: Freeden launch now!
>I'm not sure about the spelling of 'Fu re-den'.

"Freiden" is the only other Romanization that I've seen.


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