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Some answers...

Well, I can't comment on the Stats since I don't have the listing handy and
I forgot how the listing went....but I can help with the rest.

The only people that die in part one...are the ones that you let die (Garma,
Ranba Ral,etc,etc) that is, assuming you said yes to everything :P

Since there is no way you can stop the Feds from Initiating the V Project,
you get basically 2 choices(the biggest Yes /No you'll probably ever
answer). do you A-Delay White Base's Crew coming to action as long as
possible and try to figure out where the hell Jaburo is while at it
or....B-Try to keep all your damn Pilots Alive..and Garma. I personally
think saving Garma and the others are worth it, esp since You can only
attack Jaburo with Sea units..and I can almost guarantee you won't have
enough Gogs and Sugocks by the time you the chance to attack (I beat part
one in 86 turns, BTW).

'On the side of the feds, I'm pretty sure not doing Operation V will only
delay the MSs...though I'm not sure how it'll go...

Your MA levels for the Feds are pretty much useless for the most part..but
it's the only way you'll be able to get the Zeta Era suits like the Assimar,
Phyco Gundam, and the rest. So I suggest you keep it as high as you can

To beat part 2, you have to beat both sides..but the thing is that as soon
as I killed of the Titans under Jamitov...Sirocco took over, which really
screwed me over and made my entire campaign a bit pointless. Drat. And I
bet he's going to The O as well....

As for dipliomacy, there are 4 basic functions you can use it for
A-Increased trade, B-Get Free Money/Materials/Units or C-Get new Technology.
D-Temp Alliance/Combo Attack

The Option in the middle is to send money or materials to the faction, the
one below it is to recieve payment for your help in the form of
Cash/Materials/Units..and the last one is to get technology. The top two is
only applicable for Part 2, where you can try to get Neo Zeon to help to
crush Titans or vise versa..but I found that to be a waste of time and
money. don't bother.

The Most Effective way to attack, in my experiance is to spead out your
units in double stacks(single is too easy to take out), at least 2 groups
attacking the enemy, with at least 1 stack capable of hitting melee attacks
(range 0 attacks) . So if you have for say 6 groups of Hizacks, I would make
them into 3 groups of 2, send them all against 1 large stack, or 2 smalls,
then have a capital ship first spread Minovski Particles, then put in
supporting fire. This is the ONLY way you'll get anywhere in Part 2.

I don't know how good your tech tree is, but when I started it, I was in
level 13/14/13...and the other 2 started at 18/18/18. Expect to get into a
lot of fights against MS stacks with 400+, and you'll most likely see how
fearsome the Pyscho Gundam is under Four's control. It has an I-Field. Its
like what a Big Zam should've been...

any way, good luck. I think I'll try to kill off Char and take back

WooJin Lee woojin@rpgfan.com
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> Thanks for everyone's help getting me into Giren's Greed. Now I can't
> get out! After taking A Bau A Qu(sp?) on turn 96 Giren offered me a
> cease fire, which I accepted. I've been saying yes to everything just
> beacause I have very little idea what's going on. So now I'm into
> part II. It looks like Giren is back in business. There was an
> animation that showed him being rescued from house arrest by his
> henchmen Delaz and Gato. I think that was the case, it's strange,
> Dozul, Ma Kube, all these guys are still around causing trouble.
> Didn't anyone die in part one? After about 15 turns the Titans showed
> up. I assume both sides have to be taken out in order to win?
> I still have a few more questions?
> Can someone tell me about the diplomacy menus?
> Also, what do the unit stats mean?
> Is it better to put your characters together in stacks, or spread
> them out--one character per stack?
> What happens if the Fed player never authorizes project V? Can you still
> Why should the Fed player finance MA tech when all I seem to have
> gotten are two balls?
> Thanks some more!
> -James (who hates to see Dozul show up once again in another Big Zam!
> I've had to beat him four times so far)
> -
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