James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Sat, 26 Feb 2000 19:11:26 -0800

Thanks for everyone's help getting me into Giren's Greed. Now I can't
get out! After taking A Bau A Qu(sp?) on turn 96 Giren offered me a
cease fire, which I accepted. I've been saying yes to everything just
beacause I have very little idea what's going on. So now I'm into
part II. It looks like Giren is back in business. There was an
animation that showed him being rescued from house arrest by his
henchmen Delaz and Gato. I think that was the case, it's strange,
Dozul, Ma Kube, all these guys are still around causing trouble.
Didn't anyone die in part one? After about 15 turns the Titans showed
up. I assume both sides have to be taken out in order to win?

I still have a few more questions?
Can someone tell me about the diplomacy menus?
Also, what do the unit stats mean?
Is it better to put your characters together in stacks, or spread
them out--one character per stack?
What happens if the Fed player never authorizes project V? Can you still win?
Why should the Fed player finance MA tech when all I seem to have
gotten are two balls?

Thanks some more!

-James (who hates to see Dozul show up once again in another Big Zam!
I've had to beat him four times so far)

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