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Peter Cheng wrote:

> > I'll chime in with GameCave, which can be found at
> >
> > Generally, their game prices are cheaper than what
> > I've seen elsewhere
> > on the web, but tend to cost a bit in the shipping
> > and tax department
> > (if you live in California). However, they are very
> > fast and reliable,
> > and I've been pleased with my purchases from them.
> Just my opinion, game cave seems to be a tad pricy
> (price tag + shipping) for me especially when you want
> to get some "hot" imported items a week after it's
> released. Also, they have the tendency to send out
> "asian version" PSX imports and "SM" anime/game music
> CD and charge the "normal" price w/o informing the
> customers. At least they are quick to deliver...

The two games I've ordered from them (Front Mission 2, and Giren's Greed
for PSX) have both been the legit Japanese versions, so I guess it kinda
depends on the title.

> > I think the general opinion is to stay away from
> > them, however, the one
> > order I made with them came quick and was exactly
> > what I ordered. I'd
> > advise not risking it though, as the horror stories
> > about them are too
> > many to count.
> Buyrite is notorious for being non-responsive and slow
> but they have some great deal from time to time (I got
> DewPrism and GGenZero from them at 29.99+shipping). I
> don't mind the wait as long as I can get the item
> intact... Oh, DewPrism was again "asian version"...

They do offer some great deals, but I guess you're just taking a gamble
when ordering from them.

> As for NCSX, probably the better one but their
> shipping folks loved to goof up my orders it seem...(I
> ordered "Grandia Memorial Package" and "D&D Collection
> with RAM" while they got me "Grandia" and "D&D
> Collection w/o RAM"). Nevertheless, they are willing
> to take special orders and I thanked them for getting
> me certain hard-to-locate PS text adv (and under 60
> bucks too!).

Probably the best advice when ordering from an import game shop is that
you're taking your chances, and be prepared if you don't get what you

> Btw, any luck with getting into GGreed part two?

I haven't got to part two yet as I haven't played in a couple of days, I
was getting incredibly frustrated that I just had my complete space
force destroyed and have very little money (about 12,000). Although I
did just get my first GM into production, so I guess I'll have to stick
it out.



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