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Paul Fields wrote:
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> >The Nazi swastika is a mirror image of it, as distinct as an inverted cross
> >is from the upright one.

(can't believe I get back into this thread again...)

Not only is the Nazi Swastika reversed, it's also tilted 45 degrees, so
the Nazi one is a diamond, the Budhist one is a square.

Paul is right that the Swastika was an ancient European symbol, in both
orientations. BUT, the one particular orientation the Nazi chose was the
one pointing clockwise and tilted like a diamond, which is very distinct
from the Budhist one as drawn by -Z-.

It would be equally ignorant for Jews to object to the Budhist Swastika as
for Japanese not to recognize the word Zion.

As a highly unscientific survey, I checked with the three Jews in the lab
(2 are practising), only one managed to come up with "Eastern religion",
but all three recognize that the symbol I shown them is not related to

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