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For those of you (like me) painting the cockpit of HGUC Guntank, here are
2 frame grabs from 0079 TV for reference:

Note the colours of the cockpit walls, pilot seat, Hiyato's suit, seat
belts and the fire control computer. (I'd like to see anyone, even
Watanabe-san, paint Hiyato's suit into the HGUC cockpit.)

The fire control computer (the aiming thing on an arm, very similar to
X-Wing's) is actually molded into the cockpit part in the kit :O

I guess it's safe to suppose this design was borrowed from Star Wars? Did
the later series use this design? I remember clearly that 0083 and early
Zeta cockpits use fighter style HUD (heads up display) cross hair. -Z-,
wanna give us a discourse on this one? Was there any real life
inspiration for this design?

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