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William Horner wrote:
>Does anyone know where you can pick up dreamcast twin sticks online?
And will >japaneese games play on an american

If you look at the recent DVDs post you will see that I posted a link to
a site with an extensive list of online import retailers in the US.
Most of these shops should have the twin sticks listed but it seems a
lot of them have sold them out.

I recently visited based in Ohio, who have them in
stock at $99. You probably could find a lower price elsewhere.

Japanese games can play on US dreamcast with some modification. At
present there are several options:
1. Install a new 'larger' BIOS chip with more than one region code. In
your case US/JPN.
Will play all available games.

2. Install a chip that bypasses the region code checking process.
Will play all available games for now. Sega may introduce mod chip
detection in future software although it seems unlikely at the moment.

3. Disconnect the clock battery and DC lid switch and use the swap
Not all games will be playable - at the moment there are about 10 games
that will not work. In a lot of cases, the ability to play certain games
depends on the boot disk (In your case, the US disk) used. The best boot
disks are usually demo disks which come with magazines. Some demo disks
have no region coding on them so can boot almost all games. Windows CE
games require Windows CE games to load. Last I heard, VO:OT required a
specific US disk to play.

You can find out more about the options at Import Dreamcast
Also you can look through the forum postings or request help from other
import gamers at Sega Web


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