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Sat, 26 Feb 2000 12:25:29 -0800 (PST)

> I'll chime in with GameCave, which can be found at
> Generally, their game prices are cheaper than what
> I've seen elsewhere
> on the web, but tend to cost a bit in the shipping
> and tax department
> (if you live in California). However, they are very
> fast and reliable,
> and I've been pleased with my purchases from them.
Just my opinion, game cave seems to be a tad pricy
(price tag + shipping) for me especially when you want
to get some "hot" imported items a week after it's
released. Also, they have the tendency to send out
"asian version" PSX imports and "SM" anime/game music
CD and charge the "normal" price w/o informing the
customers. At least they are quick to deliver...
> I think the general opinion is to stay away from
> them, however, the one
> order I made with them came quick and was exactly
> what I ordered. I'd
> advise not risking it though, as the horror stories
> about them are too
> many to count.

Buyrite is notorious for being non-responsive and slow
but they have some great deal from time to time (I got
DewPrism and GGenZero from them at 29.99+shipping). I
don't mind the wait as long as I can get the item
intact... Oh, DewPrism was again "asian version"...

As for NCSX, probably the better one but their
shipping folks loved to goof up my orders it seem...(I
ordered "Grandia Memorial Package" and "D&D Collection
with RAM" while they got me "Grandia" and "D&D
Collection w/o RAM"). Nevertheless, they are willing
to take special orders and I thanked them for getting
me certain hard-to-locate PS text adv (and under 60
bucks too!).

Btw, any luck with getting into GGreed part two?
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