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>> And for accessories, it'll have 2 types of heat
>> rods (0079's whip type or 08's rope type), arm
>> shield, heat sabre (the info states it can be
>> in the shield, so it got to be 08-style, Gouf
>> Custom's heat sabre), and a Zaku machine gun
>> (MMP-78). i wish it was either the Zaku FZ's boxy
>> machine gun, or Rick Dom II's Tommy Gun a la 0083.
> Regarding the heat sabre being able to be stored in
> the shield, why do you say that it's got to be the
> 08-style?
> I was scanning through Ranba Ral's fight scenes and
> I noticed that his heat sabre is actually more like
> beam sabre. He pulled just the handle out from the
> shield and then activated the blade. It was my
> undestanding that until the Gelgoog, all Zeon melee
> weapons had solid blades that heated up.
> Perhaps Ranba Ral's heat sabre has a telescopic
> blade like the cheap Star Wars light sabre toys? : )

There you have it, Tet :)

0079 Gouf's 'heat sabre' is the first Gundam mystery I
ever have when I first watched the TV series as a high
school kid. Back then I thought Gouf was a real match
to Gundam because it had a beam melee weapon a la Star
War. Then of course I knew the hard truth about Zeon's
melee weapon's development. The hero image of Gouf
holding a beam sabre was shattered, oh dear...

Before Bandai announcement of HGUC Gouf's release,
even reference book like Gundam Mechanics vol. II
stated graphically the hilt of 0079 Gouf's heat sabre
in the stand-by position. I was thinking of Bandai
sticking w/ the old-school Okawara design for HGUC
release, then this 'compact' heat sabre will be
included in the Gunpla; Now that we know the HGUC Gouf
is Katoki's retouch from 08's Gouf Custom, then for
realistic reason, GC's black heat sabre is the logical
choice for HGUC, and unlike the heat rods, Bandai's
spec did not indicate there'll be more than one type
of heat sabre, so my guess still go to GC's heat sabre
for HGUC Gouf release. I may be wrong though.

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