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> > I just think there's something going on psychologically with Amuro in Z
> > CCA that's interesting in part because it sure as hell doesn't seem to
> > like something that could be easily resolved. Seeing so many die and
> > in the middle of it has to do something to your head, especially when
> > you're mankinds "next step..."

I have a theory mankinds "next step" was kept secret by the
feds, they couldn't risk losing the original, so they cloned him.

>I think the writers in Z just robbed Amuro in broad daylight. They shine
>a spotlight on Camille, which is fine, but why bring out Amuro and drag
>him through the dirt? I like the role transformation that Hiyato, Kai and
>some other 0079 characters went through, but I feel sorry for Amuro and
>Mirai. If they want to make Camille the hero of the show, why not just
>keep Amuro retired? If he is going to fight, he's the type that fight
>hard and he wouldn't turn down Char's invite to go to space.

It wasn't really Amuro, just after the war they had Amuro put
under house arrest, they secretly replaced the real Amuro with
a clone for Z, and if he went to space they weren't sure what
he would do so his "handlers" wouldn't let him go. Same type
reason we don't see Four leave Earth for space. Since the Feds
didn't have but only one Newtype is only stands to reason they
would have cloned him. One clone fought with the AEUG, but
the personality wasn't very convincing.

>The Amuro in CCA is yet a different deal. The personality is changed
>again, now Amuro is a bit like a conventional hero, without a trace of his
>social shortcoming. I don't mind Amuro in CCA too much, I am just not so
>sure I can identify him in 0093 with the younger one in 0079.

This clone of Amuro had better soldier's training, and less of
the Angsty teenager personality in him...

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