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Tomonaga wrote:

> The Giren's Greed is available at most reputable online import game
> retailers.
> List of import game retailers in the US
> I don't think it is a complete list but it is quite extensive, and it
> is state by state so you should be able to find one close to you.
> Places I can recommend are Tronix (NY), Rage (NY), Flashback(OH).
> The place most endorsed by gaming websites NCS - National Console
> Support but some people have had problems with this place.

I'll chime in with GameCave, which can be found at
Generally, their game prices are cheaper than what I've seen elsewhere
on the web, but tend to cost a bit in the shipping and tax department
(if you live in California). However, they are very fast and reliable,
and I've been pleased with my purchases from them.

> Cheap place - BuyRite(NC) but extremely variable level of service and
> quality. You may get lucky.

I think the general opinion is to stay away from them, however, the one
order I made with them came quick and was exactly what I ordered. I'd
advise not risking it though, as the horror stories about them are too
many to count.



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