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Trent wrote:

> Hi all,
> Have anyone solved the problem about e-mails being rejected?
> Is there anyway I can order Giren's Greed or the new 0083 DVDs (out
> 25/01) through the web?
> Does Giren's Greed works for Bleem? I travel to UK for my study and
> hence I cannot carry my PS with me. Shame both Generation and zero etc.
> don't work on Bleem ver. 1.5b. Do anyone have solutions?
> Thanks all!
> Cheers for the explanation, Tet!

The Giren's Greed is available at most reputable online import game
List of import game retailers in the US

I don't think it is a complete list but it is quite extensive, and it is
state by state so you should be able to find one close to you.

Places I can recommend are Tronix (NY), Rage (NY), Flashback(OH).
The place most endorsed by gaming websites NCS - National Console Support
but some people have had problems with this place.

Cheap place - BuyRite(NC) but extremely variable level of service and
quality. You may get lucky.

I have no idea if the game will work with Bleem but I presume it won't since
the other two you mentioned didn't.

For the DVDs you will have to go to an online anime retailer.
 Anime Web Turnpike has an extensive list of online retailers where you
could look.

I can recommend Anime Nation. Tokyo Pop, Nikaku Animart, etc.. have been
mentioned on this list as good places to go to. I haven't looked for the
DVDs at any of these places so I can't say if they have them or not.


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