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Sat, 26 Feb 2000 18:53:05 +1300 wrote:

> Activision is going to bring it to the US. No release date was given. Hope
> Activision does a good job. Hope they release it with the twin sticks. I
> wasn't able to find them for the US Saturn version. Is VO easier to control
> with the Twin Sticks? Its sounds akward the way magazines describe how the
> Twin Sticks are used. I can't get used to joysticks, I grew up with game
> pads. Should I get the Twin Sticks, even though I dislike a regual ones?
> Aaron

You shouldn't worry about Activision doing a good job for the US version as
there is little if any language translation to be made. Whether they retain the
ability to play online is another matter. It's like a fighting game in that
they could pretty much release the Japanese version and they could getaway with
it. You might even find some local arcade centres that have the straight
Japanese VO:OT arcade machines where you could try the twin stick control. Or
you might still be able to find the first VO at some arcade centres.

The controls are easy to pick up, and once you are familiar with the way they
work, it is much more natural than using a standard dreamcast controller.

The twin sticks are very expensive but you could say VO:OT is virtually
unplayable without them, and it certainly isn't the same game experience
without them. It all depends on how much you like the game I suppose. It's a
lot of money to spend on a controller that is really only useful for one game.

My advice would be to try the arcade machines if you can, or go to an import
game store and see if they will let you try the game and the controller out
before you decide.


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