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> The Nazi swastika is a mirror image of it, as distinct as an inverted
> is from the upright one. This one represents clockwise rotation and
> appears in American Indian art as well as Hindu and Buddhist texts. Viz
> has to run a disclaimer in every issue of Blade Of The Immortal, because
> the protagonist wears it as a crest on the back of his kimono and the art

> gets flipped left to right, so that he appears to be sporting a Nazi

Yup, it's called a Manji.

> And, you know, even if the art weren't flipped, someone over here would
> STILL see it as a Nazi swastika and get upset about it.
It's happened. One American kid bought a bunch of Pokemon cards (imports)
and found the reverse "swastika" symbol on one of them (forgot which
Pokemon). His parents, just as ignorant, made a big deal and the Japanese
stated that they would stop production of that card out of respect for their
ignorance, even though it did not mean anything.


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