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Kev K wrote:

> Actually I was puzzled to see them list the sword as a heat sabre. Since as
> a kid, I've always thought it to be a light sabre. Maybe it's one of those
> small mistakes in the show that they overlooked.(like the disappearance of
> the 2nd shield after the transformation in g-armor) Or maybe the folks at
> Bandai could say that Ramba Ral's gouf was using the test type light sabre
> for the Zeon's MS.

I think it's not the show's mistake but rather the people who made up the
history,explanations, MS specs, stats etc....after the show ended.

I think the problem of the explanation of Ranba Ral using an experimental beam
sabre is that Zeon MS before Gelgoog (+ MSV/MSX) are not supposed to be able to
use beam weapons. This is ofcourse due to the people who made up the
explanations of MS technology, who at one point decided the specs of each MS
and that a certain amount and special technology was needed to allow MS to
operate beam weapons.

But having said that, the very first time I watched Gundam when I was kid, I
was surprised to see the Black Trinary Doms using a cumbersome solid heat
sword. I could see the progression from the Zaku's heat hawk to the Ranba
Ral's heat sword, Zeons having observed Gundam's beam sabre in action, but to
revert back to a solid sword after that didn't make sense. Especially in a MS
that is much more powerful than the Gouf.

It's funny that in the anime, the blades of Char's Gelgoog's beam naginata
actually looks solid in some scenes, whereas Ranba Ral's always looked like a
beam of light.

I think they are pretty much trying to slip Ranba Ral's sword under the rug so
as not to spoil the rest of the science, technology& history. It would be
interesting to see how the sword of the HGUC Gouf stores in the shield. The
entire sword or just the handle?

As to the disappearance of G-Armour's 2nd shield, it was actually explained &
shown in the series. You may have missed my previous post a couple of weeks ago
but the two shields conveniently (or rather magically) stack together after
Gundam is released from the G-Armour. In essence the Gundam will be carrying a
shield, double the thickness of his usual one.


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