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>I quite agree with you on those points. Just two minor quibbles
>though :) The art isn't flipped unless it's unavoidable. Hiroaki
>Samura requested that the cut & paste method be used according
>to the notes about the Translation in 'Cry of the Worm' and it's Dark
>Horse that published Blade of the Immortal and not Viz :)

Thanks for the corrections. For some reason, I still associate Dark Horse
more with manga-esque comics (a la Adam Warren's Dirty Pair) than with
translated manga, despite the fact that I have the entire run of Gunsmith
Cats and Star Wars manga. I'm also so used to flipping being the standard
usage that I forgot that this was one of the notable exceptions.

Still, I recall them going to great lengths to explain the emblem and the
fact that it wasn't a Nazi swastika.

>> Which is more than you can say for the creators of Gundam 0080 and
>> Gundam 0083, who deliberately Nazified the Zeon, without Tomino's
>> knowledge or consent.
>That annoyed me too. I assumed Tomino used WWI Germany
>as the template for Zeon with chivalrous warriors to fit in with the
>'romantic' image of the war (Ranba Ral,Dozul) along with the
>uniforms etc. 0080 and 0080 were kinda jarring for me since I saw
>the first two Gundam movies and Char's Counterattack before
>completly watching both of them.

Char's title of "Red Comet" is certainly reminiscent of the legendary "Red
Baron" of WW1 fame, but Zeon reminds me more of Prussia or the
Austro-Hungarian Empire than Germany. I see a similar aspect in the Legend
of the Galactic Heroes and a number of other "Imperial" regimes in anime.

Didn't the Meiji Restoration model a lot of its works on Prussia? The
school uniforms, especially those of the boys, seem to be direct copies of
those worn in turn-of-the-century Prussian academies.

What I found jarring was the complete disappearance of the futuristic small
arms of the original series and the inclusion of copies of real-world
firearms, such as 9mm Colt and Walther. And, as if that weren't bad
enough, even the MS had scaled-up 20th Century small arms. 0083 went so
far as to have the Zeon toting WW2 vintage Schmeissers!

Whatever happened to those Harlock-esque sidearms that the Zeon officers
had in the original series. The only time I ever saw one fired was when
Kycilia offed her big brother Gihren, ostensibly for patricide, at which
time it seemed to be more of a beam weapon than a projectile weapon. They
were totally absent from Z Gundam and subsequent shows and I've never seen
a full accounting of them.


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