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> It could be worse. There's a symbol used in Eastern religions that
> looks like this:
> -------+ |
> | |
> | |
> +------+------+
> | |
> | |
> | +-------
> The Nazi swastika is a mirror image of it, as distinct as an inverted
> cross is from the upright one. This one represents clockwise rotation
> and appears in American Indian art as well as Hindu and Buddhist
> texts. Viz has to run a disclaimer in every issue of Blade Of The
> Immortal, because the protagonist wears it as a crest on the back of
> his kimono and the art gets flipped left to right, so that he appears
> to be sporting a Nazi swastika.
> And, you know, even if the art weren't flipped, someone over here
> would STILL see it as a Nazi swastika and get upset about it.
> But the author and artist of the series should not be held accountable
> for the feelings over here, because he was writing and drawing for an
> audience who saw the symbol for what it was and had an entirely
> different view of its meaning, untinged by any associations with the
> Nazis.

I quite agree with you on those points. Just two minor quibbles
though :) The art isn't flipped unless it's unavoidable. Hiroaki
Samura requested that the cut & paste method be used according
to the notes about the Translation in 'Cry of the Worm' and it's Dark
Horse that published Blade of the Immortal and not Viz :)
> Which is more than you can say for the creators of Gundam 0080 and
> Gundam 0083, who deliberately Nazified the Zeon, without Tomino's
> knowledge or consent.
> -Z-

That annoyed me too. I assumed Tomino used WWI Germany
as the template for Zeon with chivalrous warriors to fit in with the
'romantic' image of the war (Ranba Ral,Dozul) along with the
uniforms etc. 0080 and 0080 were kinda jarring for me since I saw
the first two Gundam movies and Char's Counterattack before
completly watching both of them.


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