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>Trent wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Have anyone solved the problem about e-mails being rejected?
>> Is there anyway I can order Giren's Greed or the new 0083 DVDs (out
>> 25/01) through the web?
> Speaking of which, has any one else got some quibbles with the CCA dvd?
>I sat down and watched it last night and was slightly puzzled. I know it's
>a Japanese release,

It's not, it's a HK bootleg.

>but whoever did the english subs must have spoken
>pretty bad english. Mobile Suit was always translated as Mobile Suite
>(Hotel room built for close range combat?) And the sub were all white,
>which causes problems when they're against a white background. Also, an
>hour into it, I got the whole "changing sides on the laser disc" thing.
>Anyone else know of these problems?

The bootleggers used the CCA LD as their master. The F91 DVD did not
have the problem because they probably used a VHS tape(!), complete with
cigarette burns from the film reels, as their master.


> All in all, great picture, good sound, just turn off the subs to watch
>Have fun,
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