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Sat, 26 Feb 2000 09:23:48 +1100

Trent wrote:

> Hi all,
> Have anyone solved the problem about e-mails being rejected?
> Is there anyway I can order Giren's Greed or the new 0083 DVDs (out
> 25/01) through the web?

    Speaking of which, has any one else got some quibbles with the CCA dvd?
I sat down and watched it last night and was slightly puzzled. I know it's
a Japanese release, but whoever did the english subs must have spoken
pretty bad english. Mobile Suit was always translated as Mobile Suite
(Hotel room built for close range combat?) And the sub were all white,
which causes problems when they're against a white background. Also, an
hour into it, I got the whole "changing sides on the laser disc" thing.
Anyone else know of these problems?

    All in all, great picture, good sound, just turn off the subs to watch

Have fun,


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