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This thread is becoming boring to me. This will be my last letter about

Chien Ting Chin wrote:
> Nemus wrote:
> > So, every man on this planet must know every words in the English
> > dictionary before he can invent a name?
> No, but he better checks the dictionary before using it as the bad guys in
> a TV show. A kid's show no less.

Maybe in the Japanese dictionary Zion doesn't appear.

> > Zion was already copyrighted then?
> The words Italy and Spain aren't copyrighted either.
Yes, but Tomino did not INVENT Italy or Spain.
> > Zion is a created finctional name.
> (I can see you generally have a problem with dictionaries :)
> To Jews, Zion is a word thousands of years old. To the rest of the world,
> Zion is well known ever since 1947, as the movement of Jewish
> independence. And who sparked the Zionist movement? Germany, only the
> hero and ally to Japan. MSG's using it to spell the bad guy's name draws
> attention to the fact that Japan was the most powerful ally of the Jew's
> greatest enemy. Grossly ignorant.
I've NO problem with dictionaries. My ITALIAN dictyonary does not report
it as Zionism but Sionism. Maybe in Japan they call it with another
name. We should ask some Israelian Jew how they call it.

> > Zion isn't a bad word to me, it's a political/religious movement. So
> > we have first grade languages and the others, neh?
> Thank you for explaining so clearly to me. But sorry my first grade
> English comprehension fails me with regards to your second sentence.
I mean that appears to me that English to you is a far more important
language to know.
> > Gundam wasn't developed for external market so Tomino could do
> > everything he wanted with names. He did not see the Gundam's future and
> > no one can blame him for that, and no one can blame him if he used words
> > with other meanings in other languages.
> Let's leave Tomino alone for now.

So, we could leave Gundam alone for now.

He only wrote the katakana name. It
> was some nameless staff writer who chose the less accurately sounding and
> more politically stupid spelling.

Do you know him? Are you sure that wasn't Tomino to choose it? Then, if
Tomino approved in early years, I don't understand why we should change

  But the blame doesn't even rest on this
> hapless writer, it rest on the whole publishing organization and
> Bandai/Sunrise. It says two things:
> 1. No one bothers to check the dictionary and/or the PR people before
> sending the writing on to publication.
> 2. The average Japanese doesn't pay attention to the victims of their
> former ally, so they didn't know the word Zion has a serious meaning. It
> goes all the way from writers to editors to fans.
> It gets so bad that some American dubbers actually pronounce it as si-on,
> so now both the spelling and the pronounciation invite trouble. If you
> look at the thousands of Gundam websites in Japan, many of them, perhaps
> unaware of or embarrassed by the official spelling, use Jion instead of
> Zion or Zeon. Do you condemn them as senseless retocon too?
No, Jion it's also good to me because they useX-Mozilla-Status: 0009
without political/religious connotations (or I hope so) as Jion was
spelled before Schodt'translation (together with tha "Sha" thing).


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