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> Nemus wrote:
> > So, every man on this planet must know every words in the English
> > dictionary before he can invent a name?

snip snip

> It gets so bad that some American dubbers actually pronounce it as si-on,
> so now both the spelling and the pronounciation invite trouble. If you
> look at the thousands of Gundam websites in Japan, many of them, perhaps
> unaware of or embarrassed by the official spelling, use Jion instead of
> Zion or Zeon. Do you condemn them as senseless retocon too?

Also in Italy 20 years ago the dubbers of the original serial had the same
problem, I think (and also Mr. Nemus [anche tu sei Italiano, right?] should
remember that).
In fact they use the term ION instead of Zeon. Personally, until I found the
word Zeon in the websites about Gundam on the Net, I always thought that the
only pronounciation were Ion Dukedom.

LONG LIVE U.N.T. (and ride the wind, Luna Rossa in Auckland)

Stefano, The legal Eagle

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