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>Imagine if the big wigs at Hollywood were to throw 100+milion
>on a Gundam live action movie. Look at the comming x-men movie,
>Macross CG and rumors of Yamato (aka. Star Blazers). If only......
> What Macross CG?? Do you mean that crappy looking Robotech 3000?

        Possibly, buts its more likely he is referring to a new CG
Macross - *proper* Macross ^_^ - animation that Shoji Kawamori is
working on. Feel free to jump in the air, whoop, etc... ^_^

Is it Classic Macross, Macross 7, Macross Plus, Macross II, or something completely new? I hope it is along the lines of classic Macross. II Sucked, 7 was pretty stupid from what I saw of it, + was good but still not really Macross, and well Classic was the best.


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