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> Hi Alfred,
> What type of work do you do at Digital Domain?

Well, what *I* do, currently, is 3D effects animation. Basically anything
that is not considered a character (an animal, the Iron Giant, cg alien, etc.,
are characters) is what I can potentially deal with. What it usually ends up
being is, like right now, snow, or smoke, spaceships, debris, cars (5th
Element), flames, etc. I can and have also done a wee bit of compositing, and
a lot of lighting. What DD does is film and commercials work, and the
occasional theme park ride, like T2/3D which I worked on or the hellish
Stormrider fisting that Disney has handed us.

> Imagine if the big wigs at Hollywood were to throw 100+milion
> on a Gundam live action movie. Look at the comming x-men movie,
> Macross CG and rumors of Yamato (aka. Star Blazers). If only......

Oh, I have imagined. 200 million can also get you Waterworld, which was shit
for the money. X-Men is looking cool. Yamato would suck if it lives as the
rumor of Disney doing it with the Arizona in place of the Yamato. But, ya, if
I were in charge...


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