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Savin <pedro@shiporama.org> writes
>>What do you mean "super realisitic"? Because they and the rest of the
>>SeaQuest/Star Trek/Babylon 5 crowd haven't produced anything that could be
>>called photoreal, yet. Time and correct software and correct application
>>said software. And a someone with an artistic idea, that helps.
>I don't know if you saw the last few episodes of DS9 (yes, the B5 and
>SeaQuest stuff stunk),


        If I might make a small request - if you are going to post
details of shows in the US that list readers might be interested in
(Deep Space 9, Buffy, that kind of thing) - then you might want to add a
few lines of spoiler space for shows that have been seen in the states
but not the rest of the world just yet. For example, the UK is only
about halfway through the last series of DS9 on satellite, and even
further behind on the public networks. I'm not overly bothered myself,
at least for DS9, but people from other countries might be.
        Thanks for listening...!
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