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> Katoki's line art for the HG-UC Gouf.
> This last one is veeery interesting. Compare
> against the 08th MS Team version of the Gouf to see
> the precise differences between the standard MS-07B
> and the modified B3 type used in the recent video
> series. Looks like the main differences are the B3's

> ornate knees, chest, and waist, plus the less
> forearms.

Look closely, you can see the updated MS-07B still
preserve the 0079's throwback design: facial
conduction cables is still hanged higher than that of
Gouf Custom; blockish arms and thighs; pointy leg
thrusters; different knee joints; no waist brackets
for 07B's conduction cables, etc. etc.. Too bad no
rear photo is shown, but I bet it's thruster backpack
will look more 'old-school' than that of 07B3's.

And for accessories, it'll have 2 types of heat rods
(0079's whip type or 08's rope type), arm shield, heat
sabre (the info states it can be stored in the shield,
so it got to be 08-style, Gouf Custom's heat sabre),
and a Zaku machine gun (MMP-78). i wish it was either
the Zaku FZ's boxy machine gun, or Rick Dom II's Tommy
Gun a la 0083.

Oh well, w/ Katoki, this HGUC Gouf is a lot more
prmising than I previously thought. Hope I'll be a
happy customer when I open my box this April :)

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