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One point of note: most of the titles in this series are in the spoken form

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> At 00:23 2/23/2000 -0800, you wrote:
> >Any ideas where I can get Episode Listings for the Original Gundam Series, V
> >Gundam, Gundam X, G Gundam?
> For brevity's sake, I'm sending these one series at a time.
> I've only got twelve episodes of Gundam X. Anyone who knows others should
> chip in.
> After War Gundam X
> #1: Is The Moon Rising?

'Is the Moon out?'

> #2: For You, The Power--
> #3: My Cherished Mount Is Ferocious

> #4: We Haven't A Moment To Spare For This Plan

literally 'this operation/plan is about fighting for every single moment'. I
haven't seen it so I can't relate it to the episode but I think it's about gaining
time for some other group? In which case they are fighting to gain as much time as
possible for someone else.

> #5: I'll Never Forgive That Boy!

You have episodes 5 & 8 the wrong way around. This is episode 8 and it's more
accurate to say 'I won't forgive that boy/child'.

#5 is 'You pull the trigger'

> #6: Gundam For Sale!

You have 6&7 the other way around as well.
#6 is 'It's unpleasant...'

> #7: I Have A Bad Feeling About This--

This is episode 6.

#7 is 'Gundam for sale'

> #8: Pull The Trigger, Lad!

This is episode 5.
#8 is 'I won't forgive that boy/child'

> #9: As It Rains On A Street

'maki' here is a roll of something e.g. paper, material, sushi etc... or a single
volume of a book series. So it is definitely not 'Street'. It could be a 'scroll'?

Or it could be referring to a spiralling action e.g. tornado, vortex, whirlpool
'Rain drops falling in/into a spiral' , 'Spiralling rain' etc...or something like

It's hard for me to say without seeing the episode whether it is in reference to
an actual object or spiralling action..

> #10: I'm The NewType
> #11: Run For Your Life!

literally 'run without a single thought'. I don't know if this person is running
for his life or not.

> #12: He's My Best Work

Without seeing the episode I would say 'It's my very best work'

#13: Shoot a fool like me
or 'I'm a fool so shoot me' , you can replace 'fool' with 'idiot' if you prefer.

#14: Can you hear my voice!
#15: Is there a such thing as Heaven?
or something similar eg..'I wonder if there is a Heaven?'

#16: Because I am human too
#17: You can check it yourself
or 'verify', 'confirm', 'see for' etc...

#18: Lorelei's Sea
or 'The Sea of Lorelei'
Depends on who or what Lorelei is.

#19: It's as if I'm dreaming
or 'It's like I'm watching a dream' etc...

#20: ...changed again
#21: Something my (dead) wife always used to say
#22: Ghost of the 15th year.
 'phantom', or 'apparition' may be more appropriate depending on the episode

#23: My dream is real
#24: Double X activated.
The word here is 'kidou' which means to get up from a lying position (i.e. sleep)
and move. The word 'activate' didn't seem right when talking about starting a MS,
but somehow it seems acceptable in this situation.

other choices are 'Double X awakens', 'Double X rises' etc...

#25: You(plural) are the star of hope
or 'You people/guys are the star of hope'

#26: Don't speak
or 'Don't say anything' depends on context. i.e. telling someone to shut up, or
telling someone not to reveal anything during an interrogation.

#27: Farewell
The Japanese used here is an extremely polite and formal form of goodbye. Like a
servant bidding farewell to the master who is going away.

#28: Is shooting, the only option?
#29: Look at me
#30: No more changes
literally 'I feel there will be no more changes'.or 'I feel I can't change any

#31: Fly! Galord
I don't know if 'Galord' is the right spelling of 'ga ro-do'.

#32: That's a G Falcon
#33: How come you know me?
or 'How do you know me?' etc...

#34: I saw the Moon
#35: I won't put out the light of hope
#36: We asked for this war
or 'This is the war we asked for' etc...

#37: Freeden launch now!
I'm not sure about the spelling of 'Fu re-den'.

#38: I am D.O.M.E. ...previously known as a newtype.
#39: The Moon is always there


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