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>> #4: Why Are We Fighting?
>It's actually 'Who are we fighting for?'


>> #8: Fierce Fighting! Attacking Waves
>Does 'attacking waves' sound right? It is in reference to waves of attack or
>attack in waves. 'attack waves' ?

I can't say -- all my reference books were packed up today.

You seem to have references of your own. What's your take on it?

>> #10: Big Impression! Shrike Corps
>'senretsu' here means that this particular unit stands out above others.
If we
>were talking about colours or appearance, eye-catching would be the right
>'big impression' is probably not the right word and seems a bit
cumbersome. How
>about 'Awesome' , 'Elite', or 'The famous Shrike Corps', 'The famed Shrike

"Outstanding!" was a popular expression of approval when I was in the
service. (pronounced "Out-STAND-ing!" or, occasionally,

>> #12: Smash The Guillotine!
>The word 'funsai' means break into pieces, crush into pieces. smash into
>But do you 'smash' a guillotine? does it sound right?

"Tear Down The Guillotine!" works nicely on all counts, I think.

>> #13: Gibraltar Spaceport
>The word used here refers to air space or space surrounding the area, not


>> #14: Gibraltar Win & Lose
>'Attack and Defend Gibraltar' same as episode 37 title in Gundam but I
>think you
>preferred 'skirmish'. But doesn't skirmish imply small scale conflicts?

"Skirmish" usually refers to an encounter between evenly matched forces
that ends inconclusively after an exchange of fire from both sides. What's
going on between India and Pakistan is a series of border skirmishes. One
side may win in one locale only to lose at another. Both sides declare

>> #18: Space Fleet
>It's missing the 'war' or 'battle' at the end of it.


>> #21: Strategic Satellite
>'Strike the strategic satellite' similar to episode 3 title in Gundam


>> #24: The Battle For The Capital
>'Attack and defend the capital' or 'Skirmish at Capital' See #14.


>> #25: Enemy Ship & Enemy Territory
>'To the enemy ship and enemy territory'


>> #27: A Flash Running Across Space
>May want to consider adding 'light' i.e 'a flash of light'.

A flash IS light. You'd qualify it if it were something else, such as
silver or lightning (although the latter, too, is a flash of light).

>> #28: The Great Escape Run
>'The Great Escape' or 'The Great desertion' which ever is relevant


>> #30: The Mother Of Gundam
>'The mother's gundam' or 'The Gundam of the Mother'


>> #32: Doggorla Blitzkrieg
>Not the word for blitzkrieg, but probably similar in execution but
different in

I'm open to suggestions. This was my best match to the convoluted phrase
being used, as it was for "high-speed breakthrough"....

>> #35: Little Mother Shakti
>It's 'Mother or Shakti'


>> #36: Mother Earth Return
>'Mother, return to earth' - not 'Earth'


>> #38: North Sea Conflagration
>It is more like 'dye the North Sea with flames', 'set the north sea
ablaze' or
>something like this probably sounds better than 'conflagration'?

How about "Set The North Sea On Fire"?

>> #39: The White Ark's Song
>'The song of the light wing' or 'The light wing song'.
>'Light wing' is that light thing that comes out of the back of the V2?
>Gundam that
>resembles a wing.

How about "The Beam Wing's Song"?

>> #40: Attack Under The High-Altitude Defense
>'Under the High-altitude attack'


>> #41: Father Of Lies Battlefield
>'They used hiragana here but I assume it is The Battlefield the father made'

How about "The Battlefield Your Father Made" or "Father's Battlefield"
(harking back to "Mother's Gundam")?

>> #42: Lifeblood Of The Glorious Revolution
>'Fresh blood to the vortex of light' or 'Fresh blood to the light vortex' or
>something along these lines.


>> #44: A Light At The End Of The Tunnel
>Literally 'Love is to the end of light' but probably something like 'Love
>everlasting', 'Eternal love' etc...is more appropriate.

How about "Love Until The Light Goes Out"?

>> #45: Usso's Vision Dance
>'genkaku' is hallucination or illusion, or I guess, vision. 'Usso's

"Vision Quest" was running when I came up with this, so I was thinking of
"vision" in terms of seeing visions.

>> #47: A Womanly Battlefield
>'The women's battlefield'


>> #48: A Time To Wither, A Time To Bloom

>literally 'Disappearing life, blossoming life'. Perhaps something like 'One
>ends, another begins' or something similar.


>> #49: An Angel Circles Overhead
>'Above the angel's halo'

Nice play on words in two languages there.

>> #50: Hatred In Confrontation
>literally ' hatred beckons the confrontation' or 'the confrontation
beckoned by
>perhaps 'Hateful confrontation', 'Confrontation of hate', or 'Confrontation

How about "Hatred Leads To Confrontation"?

(Yoda: Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering....)

>> #51: Angel's Ascension
>'Angels' Ascension' plural.


>I also have the complete lists of G and X Gundams as well, so I will post
>when I have time.

Please do.

I'm in the middle of moving, so I won't be able to supply any detailed info
for awhile and I'll probably be off-line completely for a few days next week.


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