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> I really liked Gasaraki - it had strong political undertones, (quite
> anti-American, I might add) and most of its Japanese fans seem to be well

> into their 20's and 30's. It definitely is not the typical anime popular

> with teenagers. I was also a little disappointed with the ending,
> Still, I thought it was well done, very different, and many Japanese fans
> Gasaraki think that it was just too far ahead of its time and will be
> in a more positive light 10 yrs. from now.

I'm a bit apprehensive about trying this series, though. On one hand, I like
gritty, "realistic" mecha drama with a healthy dose of political intrigue,
but I don't want walk into a "Ghost in the Shell," where basically the
emotional depth is nonexistent. So I want to know how much focus is placed
on the characters themselves. In Votoms the writers were able to inject
emotional depth by way of its supporting cast, because Chirico himself was
basically a stone cold character, with only one simple motive.

> I liked Cowboy Bebop, and Esca ranks among one of my most favorite anime
> ever. It's just that this season, they don't seem to be doing too much
> interesting stuff.
"Ima, Soko ni iru Boku" looks like a really good "sleeper" series. It
finished its run on Wowow a month ago. Basically, the setup is very
common--a boy gets warped into a world of war, and basically mysteries pile
up on top of each other. But what really interests me about this series is
its nice use of colour and overall execution of story. Unlike most "boy gets
transported to another world" plots, this looks like a grim series. Very
grim. Most people I've talked to say that it's so horrifying at times it's
hard to watch. When I heard this, I knew I had to try it sometime. I've only
seen the first episode.

But anyway, back to Gundam topics.


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