Mark Simmons (
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 14:55:07 -0800

CT Chin writes,

> Someone (bilingual) should submit all these info to A lot of
> people will be looking for Gundam stuffs when GWing starts to air. The
> data on G-Saviour on IMDB is just plain embarrassing.

  I've already compiled principal staff listings for every Gundam series,
G-Saviour included. But you have to register with IMDB to add/edit data, and
I couldn't be bothered. Especially since they still have volumes of info on
that bullshit rumored US Gundam TV series - it obviously didn't air in 1999,
but they've logged more info on that than on any _real_ Gundam production.
It really makes me question the reliability of any other data in the IMDB.

-- Mark

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