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Peter Savin wrote:

> Don't know much about you mean that they spent alot of money and
> something looked bad, or vice versa? I guess what I was trying to say is

The first answer. Most of their money goes to appeasing middle/upper
management clowns who have no creativity yet make the biggest, most
irritatingly counter-productive changes. What you see on the screen is roughly
have of what was put into it.

> that DMuse is quite capable of producing super realistic stuff, and if the
> Gundam stuff doesn't look that great (I just looked, it doesn't), that's
> because they didn't spend the time (time=money, you know!).

What do you mean "super realisitic"? Because they and the rest of the
SeaQuest/Star Trek/Babylon 5 crowd haven't produced anything that could be
called photoreal, yet. Time and correct software and correct application of
said software. And a someone with an artistic idea, that helps.

> Regarding the look of the graphics, that GM-like thing is just plain boxy
> and ugly, and the texturing on the Gundam leaves much to be desired, it's
> got that really boring "standard Lightwave 3d" look, much better suited to
> B5 ships than MS's! An MS is much closer to a tank than a starship, I wish
> someone there had pointed this out. Bleh... :( Well, more inspiration to
> get back to work on my 3d Gelgoog! Hehehe.... :)

One day, one day.


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