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Thu, 24 Feb 2000 13:41:22 -0800

>> Digital Muse is known for providing mid-range/semi low-budget graphics
>> alot of stuff (though they have made some spectacular scenes for Trek),
>> it's not too surprising that the graphics weren't that great (too bad,
>> though). The quality of the effects is directly proportional to the
>> of money the producers spent (of course), so I guess the producers just
>> didn't pay enough. :) There's alot of great potential for computer
>Disney's track record can refute that statement so completely it is

Don't know much about you mean that they spent alot of money and
something looked bad, or vice versa? I guess what I was trying to say is
that DMuse is quite capable of producing super realistic stuff, and if the
Gundam stuff doesn't look that great (I just looked, it doesn't), that's
because they didn't spend the time (time=money, you know!).

Regarding the look of the graphics, that GM-like thing is just plain boxy
and ugly, and the texturing on the Gundam leaves much to be desired, it's
got that really boring "standard Lightwave 3d" look, much better suited to
B5 ships than MS's! An MS is much closer to a tank than a starship, I wish
someone there had pointed this out. Bleh... :( Well, more inspiration to
get back to work on my 3d Gelgoog! Hehehe.... :)

Peter Savin

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