Peter Savin (
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 13:24:55 -0800

>I was definitely not impressed with the CG effects...they seemed be no
>better than your standard PC Video Game 3D-Fare, and probably a couple
>notches below the type of CG you see on Babylon 5.

Digital Muse is known for providing mid-range/semi low-budget graphics for
alot of stuff (though they have made some spectacular scenes for Trek), so
it's not too surprising that the graphics weren't that great (too bad,
though). The quality of the effects is directly proportional to the amount
of money the producers spent (of course), so I guess the producers just
didn't pay enough. :) There's alot of great potential for computer
generated Gundam stuff, I hope someday somebody will do it right. Perhaps
I'll have to take it upon myself! ;)

Peter Savin

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