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I've seen it, you can see my review/synopsis here: That synopsis was completely
written from memory so the sequence of events may be slightly off.

I was definitely not impressed with the CG effects...they seemed be no
better than your standard PC Video Game 3D-Fare, and probably a couple
notches below the type of CG you see on Babylon 5. It could have been much
better but it also could have been much worse. The acting was not great,
but not terrible either.

Hopefully we'll see it on Video soon so we can get you guys to pass

-- Ben.

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> Now a personal thought: err, I don't like the look of this... Both the
> design and rendering of the GMish MS looks like state-of-the-art 1988
> American CG cartoons. The colony looks beautiful but that's the only good
> thing I can say about these film stills. Well see for yourself.
> Had anyone here actually seen this movie?

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