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>I rewatched some scenes from 0083, there is a lot of sweating going on
>in space battles. Just out of interest, can someone give me a lesson on
>the forces acting on the MS in space and earth? Are they sweating
>because of the fast pace actions or else? Do pilots get motion sickness
>in space?

        Don't know about motion sickness, but many astronauts/cosmonauts
apparently suffer from nausea during their first few days in Zero-G.
Apparently most get over it pretty quickly. I've read a number of
accounts and SF stories which involve space walkers suffering from
disorientation in space (I hesitate to call it vertigo for fear of
getting into an argument over what constitutes "up" in space... ^_^)
        Carrots apparently don't help Gundam pilots much, though. ^_^

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