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> I rewatched some scenes from 0083, there is a lot of sweating going on
> in space battles. Just out of interest, can someone give me a lesson on
> the forces acting on the MS in space and earth? Are they sweating
> because of the fast pace actions or else? Do pilots get motion sickness
> in space? I don't think so, but it is just my instinct.
> It might be dumb, but I am willing to learn ^_^.
> Thanks to all

Not exactly motion sickness. G force. MS in space are able to do maneuver
not possible under gravity, such as dead stop roll/Reverse acceleration, and
many other gravity defying moves. When ever these they executes these
moves, the pilot is subjected to sudden change in acceleration, which is G
Force. Linear seat help somewhat with this, but you still cannot take away
the fact that MS pilots are basically being ask to do what the human body is
not design to do, fight in zero G environment.

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