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Chien Ting Chin wrote:
> Nemus wrote:
> > Because they use a word that's used elsewhere they are ignorant?
> Yep! No excuse, the word is in every single English dictionary I know of.
So, every man on this planet must know every words in the English
dictionary before he can invent a name? Zion was already copyrighted

> The Guntank manual lists the armaments on Guntank as:
> 120mm Low REACTION Cannon x2
> 40mm QUADRUPLET Bob Missile Launcher x2
> Where they should have said RECOIL and QUADRUPLE. Comment?

These are badly written English words.
Zion is a created finctional name.
I see no links.

> > Tomino didn't think about that when he created the show and
> If the word is a bad word in Italian or Chinese and they didn't think
> about it, that's ok. But English? No excuse.

Zion isn't a bad word to me, it's a political/religious movement. So we
have first grade languages and the others, neh?

> > any retroconstruction is senseless to me.
> May be, but money talks.

Money talks but makes no right.
Gundam wasn't developed for external market so Tomino could do
everything he wanted with names. He did not see the Gundam's future and
no one can blame him for that, and no one can blame him if he used words
with other meanings in other languages.



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