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>> #8: Wilderness Battlefield
>'koya' can be translated as wilderness but the title here is a statement
- 'The
>battlefield is a wasteland'.

Got it.

>> #10: Garma Falls (chiru)
>'chiru' means scatter,disperse, spread, ...etc and fall as in leaves
falling as
>opposed to objects falling. It's a more poetic way to say it but it basically
>means 'Garma dies'.
>Similar to ZZ ep44 title 'Emily sange'

Might as well use the same phraseology here, then:

"Garma Goes To Glory!"

Nice alliteration, that....

>> #13: Calamity, Mother...
>'saikai' here is to meet a again, reunion etc...

Ah, I misread that as "saigai" (calamity, accident, disaster) not "saikai"

>> #14: Time Out (jikan yo tomare)
>'jikan' = time
>'tomare'= stop! (an order)
>So it is more like 'Stop! time' but I guess 'Time out' means the same thing
>if you
>are a sports fan. The Japanese title is an order to time itself (not the

"Stop The Clock!" was the only alternative I could come up with, so I went
with "Time Out" as the most reasonable interpretation.

>> #18: Hotshot Azzam Leader (shakunetsu)
>'Azzam Leader' is actually the name of the weapon which is launched/deployed
>the Azzam.
>'shakunetsu' means red hot, white hot, incandescent etc...
>The azzam leader is dropped and activated above a target. When it is
>above a target it shoots out, 360degrees, special wires into the ground
>the traget in a wire 'dome'. Once the target is trapped , it releases
>somekind of
>a electrical charge through the wires and fries everything within the 'dome'.

Yes, I see. And from this we get the "plasma leader" of the MA-06 Val Varo
in Gundam 0083.

"Incandescent Azzam Leader" it is, then.

>> #22: Break The Ma Kube Seige
>typo here 'Siege'.

Yeah, it's I before E. Is it still "Ma Kube"? Last time I looked, they
were Romanizing it "M'Quvie" or something like that....

>> #26: Char's Reinstatement (fukkatsu)
>As with 'sairin' in the ZZ ep39 'Sarasa sairin'. 'Fukkatsu' and 'sairin' are
>associated with Jesus Christ's rise from the dead in Japan. Resurection,
>restoration, revival, rebirth etc.. It's not the Japanese word for
>but I guess it means the same.

Since Char was killed, I thought "resurrection" and "rebirth" a bit of a
stretch. I considered "revival" and "restoration" for a time, but since it
was Char bouncing back after his disgrace and demotion resulting from the
death of Garma, "reinstatement" (the fifth or sixth meaning listed in my
dictionary) seemed the best match.

>> #29: Jaburu Falls (chiru)
>See #10. In this case it's a description of the Zeon MS falling onto
Jaburo and
>not Jaburo itself falling. So it is more like 'fall into/onto Jaburo' or
>on Jaburo' or something like this.

"Troop Drop Onto Jaburo"? -- it harks back to the Mobile Infantry missions

>> #30: Untenable Defense Line (chiisana)
>'chiisana' = small so it should be 'A small defence line'

I read it as "puny" and took it as a weak defensive position, which in
American military parlance is an untenable defense.

>> #32: Breakthrough Operation (kyokotoppa sakusen)
>'kyoko' = force, enforce, or by force in this case.
>'toppa' = breakthrough
>'sakusen' see previous episodes.
>I don't know if you can neatly put in the 'kyoko' part into the title but
>might be a more appropriate English term used in the military for a similar
>operation such as penetration? How about 'High-speed breakthrough
operation'. >I won't suggest alternatives involving penetration. : )

"High speed breakthrough" is almost a textbook definition of "Blitzkreig"....!

>> #34: Fateful Meeting
>'Fateful encounter'?

I'll buy that.

>> #35: Solomon Conquest Plan (koryakusen)
>The 'sen' here on its own is not a plan. It's a fight,a battle,a war etc...
>In terms of meaning it should be more like 'Battle to conquer Solomon' or
>may be
>just 'Battle for Solomon' ?

How about "Conquest of Solomon"?

>> #37: Skirmish In Texas (kobo)
>'ko' = offence
>'bo' = defence
>It should be like 'Attack and Defend at Texas'

Which is the definition of a skirmish. "Hit and run" and "running battle"
were other interpretations that I considered.

>> #40: Lalar's Elmeth
>Oddly it should be 'Elmeth's Lalar'. The title is trying to convey that Lala
>belongs to Elmeth in the sense that she has sided with the Zeon and she acts
>accordingly, despite the emergence of other feelings.

How about "Lalar of the Elmeth"?

>> #41: Shining Universe
>The title is a description of the effect of the solar ray/solar system
>Universe may be too big?

"Shining Space" then?

Ben, are you taking notes here?


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