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Thanks to Eric for bringing up the article on Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeling
International article on G-Savior. I went down and thumbed through it.

It's on the last three pages of Issue #42, the focus is on the CG F/X,
which were contracted to Digital Muse. This article is essentially a
promo for Digital Muse. There's no mention of the movie plotline as far
as I can tell, and no mention of the actors, writers etc. The article on
the F/X are a little similar to Cineflex. Both the interviewer and the
interviewee seem to be talking about Gundam in a detached way, they
respect how important Gundam is to Japanese and Western anime fans, but it
doesn't sounds like they are Gundam fans themselves. But I could be wrong
on this one.

There are five film stills, one showing clearly a GMish MS, one showing
not-so-clearly a bad guy MS, one showing about 30 MS flying in space in
formation (teams of 3?) the other two aren't very clear. From the text,
the only interesting bits (i.e. not related to F/X technology or process)

- The Gundam suits were designed by "the Japanese client"
- The RAI (bad guy suit) was designed by US artist Kevin Ishioka
  (Armaggedon, Mission to Mars)
- Digital Muse's biggest claim to fame is their work on ST:DS9 and

I've also found several film stills on Digital Muse's website:
The relavent links can also be accessed from Newtype Asylum's news page.

Now a personal thought: err, I don't like the look of this... Both the
design and rendering of the GMish MS looks like state-of-the-art 1988
American CG cartoons. The colony looks beautiful but that's the only good
thing I can say about these film stills. Well see for yourself.

Had anyone here actually seen this movie?

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